The Company

Founded in 2004, Tetramold has a wide experience in mold production sector.

The company took off just based on the knowledge of its founders. Founded this small plant located inside Oliveira de Azeméis, PORTUGAL. Due to the passage of time and the result of market demand and technological developments, TETRAMOLD started its growth. Nowadays has over 80 specialized workers on all the areas of the process. Through all these years the young and dynamic team of the TETRAMOLD, made and exported for over than 11 countries, mainly Spain.


In 2010, TETRAMOLD determined the creation of TETRAMOLD GROUP, associating, to the already existing TETRAMOLD – Indústria de Moldes, Lda., the MTC – Mold Tunning Company. 2 years later, the group made a partnership with PORTAME, also a mold production company. With this business evolution, TETRAMOLD had a turnover rate over 200%.

The TETRAMOLD GROUP is in a period of change with the company to be certified with the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

Mission, Company’s Vision and Values


TETRAMOLD – Indústria de Moldes, Lda., has as its mission to produce molds with quality recognized in the market, searching for exceeding its clients’ expectations, developing solutions resorting State-of-the-art technology and innovation  


It is based on its mission and always keeping in mind its values that TETRAMOLD seeks to be an international reference on the development and production of steel molds for plastic injection.  


Our mission is carried out always with these values in mind  

  • Rigor and competence;
  • Ethic and responsability;
  • Inovation and cooperation. 

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of TETRAMOLD’s Group is based in rigor, ethic and responsibility, aiming to respect the established commitments with its clients and accomplishing not only the customer requirements, but the industry standards and best practices as well. The group is strongly dedicated in detaching on the molds production and on the modification and maintenance of metal molds, being, for that, strongly committed, through this quality policy, to go against the clients and partners’ needs and expectations, promoting the continuous development of its processes and products. For that, the company has as management system’s guidelines:

  • Increase and consolidate its costumers’ satisfaction meeting their needs and seeking to exceed their expectations presenting rigorous technical solutions that answer the requirements and commitments accorded;
  • Involve the providers in the quality management system assuring the requirements accomplishment of the products and services acquired, so to answer TETRAMOLD and its client needs;
  • To differentiate itself by the technical competence of its contributors, promoting a good work environment, team spirit e continuous development of the human resources;
  • Continuously Develop the products and services, seeking for the company’s innovation and competitiveness;
  • Ensure the business sustainability, based on the productivity and profitability;
  • Ensure the Quality Management System’s compliance with the requirements through a permanent evaluation e accompaniment, ensuring, this way, all processes’ efficiency.